Counterfeits and Imitations

What is counterfeiting?

By definition: A counterfeit Amby product is a fake product copied and made with the intent to deceive you into believing it to be a genuine Amby product. Conterfeit operators have no regard for patents, trademarks or safety standards.

Our aim is to help you to be aware of how to avoid purchasing counterfeit Amby Baby Hammocks and products that are being sold to unsuspecting consumers.

What IS an imitation?

By definition: An imitation Amby product is copied to resemble the original product but made without any understanding on the purpose of the original design. Imitations are copied without knowledge of exact engineering design, material and tolerance specifications.

Our aim is to help you be aware of the dangers of purchasing imitations which we believe are not made to the Amby stringent design and quality specification. Amby believes you deserve the best sleep for your baby and strive to continue to develop the best and safest baby bed on the market.  Amby is developed with a passion for better sleep and has been researched and continually improved to exceed the latest safety standards since 1989.

Why purchase authentic amby products?

Imitation Amby Baby Hammocks provided by imitators are often incompetent with material selection as they lack the years in baby hammock design knowledge and don’t have an established factory with world class quality checking processes in place. These unethical operators simply send our original Amby Baby Hammock as a sample to an unknown factory in China. This factory would never have made baby hammocks and are directed to make them for the cheapest possible price. Without any quality assurance systems, knowledge or detailed specifications in place, these cheap imitations significantly risk both the health and safety of your baby.  Although they often offer their baby hammocks at a discounted price, their materials and workmanship are insults to Amby’s strict safety standards.

As an example, our Amby mattress is free from harmful fire retardants and in 2012 passed the proposed Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand tests which will assess the softness of baby bed mattresses. An imitation Amby baby hammock has not undergone extensive research and development, doesn’t have the years of research and development experience with standards advisors, doctors and medical practitioners, and they don’t realise the selection of the mattress material is critical. Alarmingly we have found some imitation Amby baby hammock mattresses with cheap foam which is far too soft and folds around the baby’s head which poses a safety risk. When purchasing a genuine Amby Baby Hammock you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality product that has been extensively tested and refined since 1989.

When it comes to baby hammocks or any other product, counterfeits could seriously endanger your baby’s health with inferior materials and workmanship. It’s criminal—and buying these products fuels these indefensible practices.  Counterfeiters hurt legitimate business owners who have spent years developing designs, materials and quality standards to deliver the best possible product to their loyal customers.

Amby’s World Class Manufacturing Facility


Counterfeiters are not accountable to human rights and environmental regulations. At Amby we are committed to fair pay no matter where we make our products.
Amby products are designed, engineered and tested in Australia, and the products made locally which are covered by Fairwork Australia law. We are also proud that our products made in our Amby factory Shanghai since 2001 have extremely high standards of employment as can be seen in our video above.

Protect yourself from counterfeits and imitations

PURCHASING GUIDELINES to avoid purchasing Amby counterfeits and imitations: 

1. We have had many recent reports of imitation Amby Baby Hammocks with incorrect sling and frame design, easily torn hammock slings, cheap materials, rusted and thin metal frame tubing, etc. Please beware of products which are of poor quality, have defective or missing parts or easily deform and tear.

2. Purchase only from Authorised Retailers, online and in-store

Amby Official Websites:,

Amby authorised stockists

3. Amby only sell on the above sites and listed stockists. If you buy on eBay site please only buy from our account SellerID ambybabyhammocks to protect you and your baby.