Amby Manual & Specifications

Amby Baby Hammock Manuals and Instructions:


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Amby Baby Hammock Assembly Instructions (Video):

Amby Play Tent Assembly Instructions (Video):


Amby Baby Hammock Specifications

Child Weight Limit

Suitable to use from from newborn to toddler.  Single spring weight limit = 12kg.  Double spring weight limit = 24kg.


Material:    High quality structural Steel tubes with commercial grade white powder coat.
When assembled
Total wt:    8 kg (17 lbs approx)
Height:    152c m (5 ft)
Width:    71cm (2 ft 4 inches)
Depth:    94 cm (3 ft 1 inch)
Max load wt:    45 kg (99 lbs approx)
The frame is very easily assembled, fits through internal doorways and can be great to travel with.


Amby Baby Hammock Jump Jump Instructions

Spring activated seat/exerciser for babies

The Amby Jump Jump should be used in conjunction with the Amby Frame.

  1. Attach the spring and the safety strap to the bolt of the frame.
  2. Attach the Jump Jump to the bottom eye of the spring. The height of the Jump Jump can be adjusted by the link chain provided.
  3. Attach the bottom end of the safety strap to the ‘O’ ring of the Jump Jump or to the link chain.
  4. Place your baby in the Jump Jump and tighten the strap at the back of the Jump Jump to secure your baby. Ideally your baby’s feet should be just touching the ground.
  5. Your baby should only start using the Jump Jump when he/she is strong enough to hold his/her head up steadily without assistance.

Note: Please do not leave your baby unattended.
Always have your baby within your sight.