Restless Sleepers

Helping babies sleeping through the night


Babies have a variety of sleep patterns. Some babies are sound sleepers who will dream the night away, much to their parent’s delight. Other babies may wake once or twice each night for a quick snack and snuggle, which can be a nice quiet bonding time for parent and baby. The Amby Baby Hammock can help babies sleep all night with its womb-like design and gentle motion.

Some parents have babies who just won’t sleep more than a couple hours at a stretch, no matter what sleeping arrangement the family tries. Such babies simply have a higher level of need at night time. They may waken frequently from hunger or teething pain, but often they simply crave frequent contact with mum or dad. These restless babies often sleep very well snuggled up next to mum and dad in the family bed. This is a wonderful arrangement that has many bonding benefits for parents and baby.



Keeping baby close
Some parents prefer to have a frequent night-waker sleep nearby, but not necessarily in bed with mum and dad all the time. The Amby is a perfect solution for helping a restless baby sleep better while keeping him near to mum and dad for easy access when he wakes. Whenever baby stirs, the gentle spring bouncing of the Amby naturally soothes baby back to sleep. The Amby fits conveniently next to the parents’ bed, so mum or dad can easily bring baby into their bed if baby wakes up and needs to be fed or snuggled back to sleep.


Say Goodnight To Sleep Deprivation
One of the most common problems new parents face, sleep deprivation becomes nothing but a bad dream when babies sleep soundly in the Amby Baby Hammock.
Most new parents believe that sleep deprivation comes automatically with parenthood. Many parents spend long hours – at all hours – walking the floor with their baby. They soothe, feed, and go the extra mile on little or no sleep to comfort a crying infant.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
The Amby Baby Hammock offers a natural solution for fussy babies, specially designed to help infants sleep through the night in their first year of development – making sleep deprivation a thing of the past.


Am I sleep deprived?
If you are a new parent, you may not have had a solid night’s sleep since you brought the baby home. The recommended amount of sleep for most adults is 6 to 9 hours. If you are not getting this much sleep each night, it can leave you exhausted with little physical energy. Sleep deprived parents are more likely to be pessimistic, more prone to post natal depression, and more easily angered or discouraged. Lack of sleep also breaks down your immune system, increasing illness susceptibility, as well as impairing judgment which can lead to accidents.


Is my baby sleep deprived?
You may be surprised to learn that your baby may be suffering from sleep deprivation as well. The first month of life, baby needs roughly 16 hours of sleep each day; at three months old, baby needs 15 hours of sleep. At this age, an infant’s sleep cycles usually consist of only 40-60 minutes. That means the majority of the time they are sleeping, they are sleeping lightly enough to be woken.
By the time baby is about 4 months old, he or she should be sleeping between 6-8 hours a night. At 6 months, that number rises to between 10-12 hours and stays there through the toddler years. Through 9 months, baby will wake at least once a night.


What can you do about it?
The womb-like design of the Amby Baby Hammock not only helps babies fall asleep but keeps them asleep longer. This works because the hammock provides a rocking motion as babies fall asleep. In addition, the spring responds to the baby’s own movements when they wake, bouncing them gently back to sleep. The hammock has also proven extremely successfully for babies with reflux (GER) and colic because you can adjust the incline of the bed to suit your baby’s needs.


Why a good night’s sleep is important for your baby – and you
Consistently getting a good night’s sleep can increase your energy levels, heighten your mood, and lower anxiety levels. When you and your baby are getting the sleep you need, you will essentially regain the vitality you need to raise a healthy, happy baby. In addition, a well-rested baby is a happy baby, which will improve the time you spend together. Sweet dreams!