Amby Baby Hammock Testimonials from Parents & Institutions

We have received hundreds of messages and emails from grateful parents over the years from all around the globe, some of which are shown below. It gives us a warm feeling of great satisfaction to know that the Amby baby hammock is a bed that has literally helped thousands of babies…and their families. The testimonials we receive make the years of hard work and perseverance all worthwhile. We’re so grateful that our hammocks have changed so many lives and can so easily help babies settle and get the sleep they so deserve.

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Ashleigh and Kai – Victoria, Australia

Ashleigh – Victoria, Australia
I honestly cannot express how amazing this baby product has been for Kai and our whole family. Sleep deprivation is a real thing and if you’re reading this and thinking I’ve tried everything? That was me. Until I met Trish the lady behind @ambybabyhammocks, she answered all my questions and helped me feel human again. Kai adjusted so quickly to sleeping in his Amby and new routine. Fast forward to today, Kai is now sleeping in his own bedroom in his Amby Hammock for every nap and night sleep. We are currently getting around 4 hours sleep during the day, and only waking 3 times overnight from 6pm – 6am. This is a major achievement, Kai was waking hourly and so unsettled. Tonight it took a total 8 minutes for Kai to fall asleep in his Amby from wide awake, not one single tear! I am such a proud mum and I am so forever grateful to Trish from @ambybabyhammocks for saving our family from sleep deprivation.

Billiemarie – USA
I recently ordered the Amby Baby Hammock & wanted to express how pleased I am with your product & services.
The hammock arrived extremely fast (considering it was an international order). It was easy to set up-my brother & I put it together in under ten minutes. Perhaps most importantly, the hammock is a wonderful sleeping aid for my daughter, who-up until a few days ago-took extremely quick naps. I’m now happy to share that with the baby hammock, she sleeps peacefully for more than an hour.
Again, thank you for your tremendous service & wonderful product.

Correne’s son – ACT, Australia

Correne – ACT, Australia


My son absolutely LOVES his hammock. The gentle rocking motion calms him and puts him to sleep in no time at all! It’s also easy to move – I have it next to my bed at night, and move it about the house during the day. Because of the mesh panelling, my son is also happy to lay in his hammock and watch me throughout the day (meaning my arms are free to do those annoying, but necessary, chores such as dishes and the laundry).

I purchased the Ultimate Value Package because I knew we’d need a mattress protector and a spare set of sheets. And I love the little bolsters that keep my son laying on his back – it just adds that extra layer of safety by stopping him from rolling over.


Dear Amby Baby Team! 

You have just changed my life!!! My little one is 6.5 months and has only ever slept on us!!! Nights have been long and my husband and I have taken it in turns to stay up with him. We didn’t want to sleep train and have tried everything! Our friend gave us their hammock as they didn’t use it anymore, which made the Amby his 4th cot! 

I was skeptical but the minute I put him in there he was content- the first time ever on his back! I couldn’t believe it! It’s been 3 days now and he is napping like a pro and when I put him in he just snuggles in and goes to sleep! No tears!!! I can’t believe it!!! 

Anyway I just wanted to write to you and thank you for this amazing product and to let you know that you have made one Mum and dad very happy!!!! 

Thank you ?

Eszter, Michael & Oscar (former sleep thief) 

Mairi Thomson – Brisbane, Australia
I am convinced that the secure and tactile environment created by the hammock really gave our daughter Mackenzie her a jump start emotionally and physically. She is now 15 months, and too big for the hammock, but she stayed in it until she was approx 10 months old. She was a very happy and contented baby who absolutely thrived (even surprising the child health nurse at her steady and top-of-the chart weight gains week after week), and would sleep peacefully in the hammock for hours at a time through the night. Even in the first weeks of her life, she never woke more than once through the night for a feed, and stopped the middle-of-the-night feed completely at around 6-7 weeks. She certainly stirred many times a night, as I would hear her wake up, but I would watch as she jiggled around, and set the hammock to bouncing which would then send her straight back to sleep, then to wake again at the more civilised hour of 8:00am or later. I enthusiastically recommend the hammock to all who will listen, and I have it at the ready for our next babies when they are born.

It is a fabulous product and I’d like to congratulate you on the great design, and the excellent start to life that you have given our precious daughter.

Dorothea Fröhlich Kretzschmar – Coogee, Sydney.
Even though we use a hammock that was handed down to us (we only bought a mattress, sheets and the snuggler from you) we want to let you know that we are happiest with the hammock.
Ella loves it and we realise the huge difference to the sleeping habits of our elder daughter. We could not have chosen a better bed for Ella (and for us!).

Taylor Winston-McGrath
I am still a happy hammock user, and my baby is 20 months old at this writing. In fact, I am expecting another baby, and may have to purchase another hammock if I can’t get the current user into a bed in a few months!

Anyway, as we near the end of winter, (and cold season) I wanted to comment on a good effect of the hammock which you do not comment on, and might be of some help to other parents. I have found that colds and coughs did not linger, and were not a night time sleep disturbance, due to the position that the baby is held in. In a bed or crib, one cannot force a baby to sleep with his head elevated, but in the hammock, this is the natural sleep position. Breathing was easier even with a stuffy nose, and night time coughing was kept under control, allowing my baby to be rested.
My mother has repeatedly asked me when I am going to stop having my baby sleep in “that contraption,” and I always answer, “As long as he wants to use it.”

Stephanie Mullen
I am so grateful that we found the Amby.

The hammock was originally given to us as a baby gift for our second daughter by my mother. She thought it would help with sleeping through the night since we had had a very hard time with our oldest daughter’s sleeping habits.

We got the Hammock when Becca was 3 days old and she’s been in it ever since. At 2 months Becca was diagnosed with some intestinal problems that among other things caused severe reflux problems. The Hammock kept her in the “semi-upright position that kept her most comfortable. When she went in for surgery at five months it was so nice for her to be able to sleep in her own bed at the hospital, which was such a scary foreign environment.

I love this hammock, and would never dream of putting any of my future children into a crib. Thank you so much.

Linda Blackman
I have lost count of how many days it has been since we got our Amby – I think less than a week – but I cannot remember what we did without it! It is a miracle for us. I am so happy. Thank you , thank you, thank you.

Kelley Boehme
I just wanted to thank you for the Amby Baby Hammock. It has become a life saver. Our son would not sleep unless someone was holding him. We had purchased a crib which was hardly ever used. We next tried a co-sleeper which didn’t work either. We resorted to bringing him in bed with us. He moves around so much during the night it was impossible to get a good night sleep.

Then I discovered your hammock. The first night we used it, we kept checking on him to make sure he was okay because he wasn’t crying! Our periods of sleep are gradually getting longer. Last night we got a 5 hour period of sleep. I woke up feeling so refreshed! Thank you.

Sophie, Mark, Cindy & Maria
We are now using your baby hammock and Maria’s colic is much better and her sleeping habits have improved 100%. It’s an absolutely amazing, almost magic, baby bed which has not only helped Maria sleep longer and more comfortably but has made my life so much better.
I am so thankful I gave it a go, thank you for your help.

Parents of Alfie
My son is used to being carried in a sling most of the time during the day as he loves being close to me. When he drifts off to sleep, I can put him into the hammock and know that he feels cosy and safe. I’ve tried to place him on a mattress for sleeping, but he wakes up looking for something to be next too. I can only assume he feels too exposed and is looking for a more ‘womb-like’ experience.

Heidi, Bob and Miles – Richmond, Victoria, Australia
I am just writing to thank you for the wonderful support that your product provides to babies and Parents. Our baby, Miles, came to us after a long and arduous labour. He had colic and would not sleep for a continuous amount of time; basically he was up every hour. He would only get a couple of hours sleep on either of us, where he could listen to our heartbeat and our breath, or, sleep in our bed where neither of us would sleep for fear of SIDS. It was only after my partner doing a lot of research on the web that we finally decided on your baby hammock. Whilst I was unsure that it would do any good, anything had to be better than the situation we were in. It arrived into a rather stressed, overwhelmed and sleep deprived little home.

At 7 weeks of age Miles took to the hammock straight away. I remember spending many wee hours bouncing him up and down, swinging him from side to side and his father would often stay up late, sometimes till 4am, jiggling and swinging him to sleep. Soon, astonishingly, he began to bounce himself up and down to go back to sleep. Sometimes we would just stand at the end of the hammock amused to see him bounce around until he would settle. It was so cute to see him snuggle into the side of the hammock and within a couple of minutes he would be asleep. (I just wish that someone would have suggested the hammock to us sooner and that we could have reduced the 5 weeks of stress in our little home). I am elated to say that Miles is now over his colic, he turned 6 months yesterday, and I am packing the hammock away. It brings back so many memories of his early days and how we persevered, trying to get him to settle and all those sleepless nights of crying and wind, not to mention the stress it caused on our relationship.

Over the past two weeks it has taken a while to convince him to move into his cot as I am quite small and he weighs about 10 kgs he is too big for me to lift him into and out of the hammock. Whist now Miles only sleeps at four hour stretches he is an alert, active little boy who smiles, laughs and is very content, he no longer screams out in the night and all this I can attribute to the hammock.

I want to say a big THANK YOU and give you a big hug for your wonderful hammock. It has helped me and my partner stay sane through a very trying stage. I will certainly be using it for our next child and have recommended it to lots of mothers who have babies with colic and or reflux.

For parents reading my email believe the stories that these parents have written, they are true. The hammock works and will bring much happiness into your stressed sleep deprived life.

Jillian Gouthro & Jason Doucette
I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the hammock!!! Lily (6mths) is making the transition from our bed to her new bed wonderfully! She took to the hammock for naps no problem and we are now working on the nightime sleeps which seems to be a bit trickier. Although Lily is not sleeping longer( which I am blaming on teething), she is sleeping more soundly. The length will come in time.

When she is fussy or after nursing we simply put her in the hammock and give it a bounce or swing and she is often asleep in a matter of seconds. Thank you so much for your wonderful product!!!!! If you need any help introducing the hammock to Canada I would love to help. I’ve already raved about it to my play group moms. I’ll let you know about any more progress made.

Elizabeta Leba – Czech Republic
I am sending you few photos and good news – David is a peaceful boy and even he has his hammock just few days, he likes to sleep in it.

In the maternity hospital baby bed, he didn”t like to sleep so much. Comparing to our first son-Tomas sleeping 3,5 years ago, when he was baby and David now I see that with David is much easier to handle he is much more peacefull and sleeping longer and I believe thanks to hammock. Thank you again

Amanda, Terry & Luc
Within the first 30 seconds of Luc being put in his nest he was fast asleep. He even went down awake! This was unheard of! From a little boy who couldn’t sleep for anymore than 2 hours at a time at the most he is now sleeping for a minimum of 7 hours at a time at night. And if he manages to wake himself up and isn’t hungry, his movement gently rocks him back to sleep! I now wake myself up to check he is OK, rather than him waking me up because he isn’t OK. I can’t thank you enough!

First of all, I would like to thank you for your wonderful customer service! You have been so patient and helpful with all of my questions and concerns. Dealing with your company has been a wonderful experience from the beginning!

Now, for the real thanks…if only I could afford to buy a ticket to Australia so that I could hug you! I cannot tell you how much the baby hammock is changing my life!

I have a 6 month old daughter. Until I found the hammock she would only sleep in the sling, or if I lay down with her. It was frustrating for me and she was getting heavy! Also, she would only nap for 1/2 hr before waking up. Two weeks after receiving the hammock, she is now napping exclusively in it for up to 2 hrs at a time 2-3 times a day! She does not cry or fuss and she wakes up happy and rested!

Mary Canning
I would like to add myself to your long list of grateful parents – I have been using the nest since my daughter’s birth 8 months ago and could not be more pleased with it. I have recommended it to a number of other mums and also my local early childhood clinic took down your details as I was so thrilled with it. Too many good points to list them all but stand outs have been:

1. Margot learning very quickly to self settle – a great boon as her 2 older brothers were also needing attention when she was very small.
2. Not having to handle Margot (ie endlessly patting and rocking) whilst teaching her to resettle – just a gentle jiggle of the hammock – bliss
3. I am convinced that one of the reasons she is so athletic is the hammock – she has rolled and crawled from very early on
4. Being able to travel with the hammock.

Karen George
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for this wonderful product.

We brought our new son home 3 weeks ago, and have been amazed at how well he sleeps in the hammock. Our first night home he slept almost six hours! I have told many friends about the hammock, and have even recommended it to a family friend with a very premature baby. I ended up having a C-section, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get the baby in and out of the hammock, but even with a 9.5 pound baby, I can get him in and out without any problem. Thank you so very much.

Erin Lott
My daughter is only a week old but already she sleeps 4-5 hour stretches at night between breast feedings in her Amby hammock. She also takes lovely 2-3 hour naps in it during the day. If l lay her down in her crib or a bassinet on her back, she will wake and fuss within 1/2 hour. Your hammock has made my job as a mom so much easier. I will be eternally grateful to you!
P.S. Your customer service is excellent and shipping to the U.S. was so fast, I was amazed!

Taylor M. Winston-McGrath
Many thanks for your fantastic product. My 8 month old is a dedicated breastfeeding sling-worn baby. He is used to catnapping when he chooses, and does not like to be put to bed. He wakes up at 1 1/2 to 2 hour intervals.

My hammock arrived yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I was not disappointed. For the first time in all his life, my baby allowed me to put him down for naps. I bounced him to a blissful sleep for an afternoon nap yesterday, and for both morning and afternoon naps today. He was wide awake when I placed him in the hammock, and in less than 10 minutes, he was in a relaxed sleep. May I also add that he did so with no crying or getting upset. He actually smiles when I put him in the hammock. I’m certain it’s because it reminds him of his sling. Nicholas is my third baby, and I have to say that I wish I had known of your product 6 years ago when I began parenting.

Tatiana, mother of Guillermo, 3.5 months
I got the hammock and I am so thankful for such a great invention! My baby loves it! He was so used to being held in my arms or his dad’s arms that he wouldn’t fall asleep if he wasn’t being held and rocked, and walked around, you know, and he is now over 15 lbs! He looks so comfortable in it, and what a relieve for our backs! Thank you.

Testimonials from Institutions

We often receive emails from various institutions who have been using our product. It is fabulous to hear the great benefit a large number of babies receive from the hammock.

The Amby baby hammock is used by many child care centres, Early Learning centres and in all sorts of hospital situations: Birth Centres, Maternity Units, Neo Natal Intensive care units, Observation and Special Care Wards, tertiary referral units and special clinics eg. the Spastic Centre. It gives us great pleasure to hear about the babies, carers and families who use the hammock, hearing stories of the positive effects and fantastic outcomes. Please read a selection of emails we have received below.

Robyn Noble – Lactation Consultant and owner of Bayside Breastfeeding Clinic, Many, QLD, Australia
An Amby Baby Hammock has been an important piece of equipment at Bayside Breastfeeding Clinic, Australia’s first private breastfeeding clinic, for nearly 20 years.  I use it to teach physiological settling, a very effective means of helping babies, especially those in pain (with gastric reflux, colic, food allergies and so on).  A baby can be crying and very unsettled before being put in the Hammock, but peaceful, quiet and drifting off to sleep within minutes with the action of the Hammock. Parents and babies all love it!

Jasmine – Director at Kindalin Early Childhood Learning Centres, Sydney, Australia
We use and recommend Amby Baby Hammocks. We have them throughout our baby rooms in all our centres and have done so for many years.

Our babies sleep well in them and are comforted by the rocking motion of the Hammock. The quality of the bedding, framework and service and support is excellent.

Sue Botham – Nurse Unit Manager, King George V Hospital
John Spence Nursery is a neonatal intensive care unit and we use the hammock for babies who are difficult to settle such as neurologically impaired babies, chronic lung babies and babies withdrawing from maternal narcotics. These babies appeared to be soothed by the rhythmic rocking of the hammock created by their own breathing. We are pleased with the results we have seen with the use of the hammock in the nursery to date.

Judith A Craig – Director of Nursing, Blackwood & District Community Hospital. Belair, South Australia
The Maternity Unit of this hospital has a quantity of hammocks, which are proving to be most successful. It is easy to keep a number of hammocks moving at the same time because of their good balance and engineering. These are well accepted by parents and on occasions we hire them out. We would highly recommend the Amby Baby Hammock.

Jan Moffatt. Director – Mingaletta Child Care Centre. Eaglevale. NSW. Australia
Just a brief note to tell you how happy we are with the hammock we recently purchased from you for our babies room. The staff are so impressed with the soothing effect the rocking has on a distressed and fussy baby. They are quickly soothed and drift off to sleep. We also like the versatility and mobility factors. We use the hammocks both indoors and out and the fact that it is fully washable is a definite asset when used by a lot of babies. We are planning to purchase more hammocks in the near future as funds permit.

Christine Porter. C.N.C Rose Ward, Adelaide Children’s Hospital.
We have used the hammock when the situation has arised for our less acutely ill babies. For these infants it has been very comfortable and the parents have been very impressed with it. The frame is in constant use with the baby bouncer and this has really improved the development of our chronically ill infants-who have missed a lot of the early stimulation that well babies received. We would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to trial the hammock.

Robin Coffey. Director, Kindercraft Association Incorporated. City Hall, Brisbane.
I am writing to express our gratitude to you and your company for the hammocks you have so generously donated for our nursery. The new model “Nature’s Nest” is a safe, comfortable and very attractive addition to our sleep room and we are finding it particularly suitable for our ‘older’ babies who have outgrown the original model. We have been using the original hammocks for a number of years as was obvious from the photograph in the “Brisbane News”. May I say that they have proved to be most beneficial for babies who are difficult to settle or who are restless sleepers. Many of our ‘cat nappers’ develop a regular sleep routine much to the delight of both caregivers and parents alike.

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