Are Amby Baby Hammocks safe?

As a parent, considering our baby’s safety takes absolute priority when choosing a bed for them.  At Amby, we are sometimes asked about the safety of Amby Baby Hammocks and we want to ensure that all parents are given the correct information in order to make an informed decision before purchasing.  Here are some frequently asked questions:

Have Amby Baby Hammocks been safety tested?

Safety is our number one priority at Amby.  We are a family business with children of our own, all whom have slept in an Amby Baby Hammock.  In 2013 we created our latest model Amby “Air” baby hammock – this model was designed with direct input from a representative of Standards Australia and has been stringently safety tested according to the relevant parts of the strict British and European safety standard for cradles and cribs (BS EN 11:30).  

The Amby mattress also passes the new Australian and New Zealand safety standard: AS/NZS 8811.1:2013. Methods of testing infant products – Part 1: Sleep surfaces – Test for firmness.

For more information on testing, visit our Awards, Tests and Standards page.

What about SIDS?

The natural motion of the Amby Baby Hammock means that there is virtually no build up of carbon dioxide for babies to rebreathe. Rebreathing is thought to be a major cause of SIDS.  Carbon dioxide testing was performed on an Amby Baby Hammock by the University of Otago, N.Z and a minimal risk of rebreathing was found when babies are positioned correctly, in the supine position (on their backs).

In Australia and Europe there have been no incidents of SIDS or accidents linked to Amby baby hammocks.  Amby baby hammocks have been on the worldwide market since 1989 with over 50,000 units sold, considering that tragically well over 4,000 SIDS deaths have been recorded in Australia between 1989 and 2016, this is an impressive record that speaks for itself.

When babies are placed in the Amby baby hammock, the slight curve of the mattress becomes virtually non-existent and they lay flat.  There is no risk of their chin touching their chest – this risk can be found with car seats, capsules and certain ring slings, but it does not occur in an Amby baby hammock.

Amby baby hammocks are made of 100% cotton, a natural fibre which is very breathable and well ventilated.  The latest design Amby “Air” baby hammock features mesh panels that come all the way down to the mattress level – this creates maximum air flow and removes the risk of of suffocation.

I’ve read about a product recall in the USA online.  Could you please tell me more?

While there are different websites suggesting there have been several infant deaths linked to Amby Baby Hammocks, this is not true.  Very sadly, in the USA back in 2009, two deaths occurred in previous model Amby baby hammocks which lead the US CPSC to make a quick decision to recall the product in the USA.  Upon thorough investigation, it was discovered that in both cases the users had not read and implemented the assembly and usage instructions.  Consequently, the hammocks were not assembled correctly, nor were the babies correctly positioned in the hammock.  In one case, the fabric hammock sling was attached to a ceiling instead of the safety approved frame and the metal cross bar which separates the fabric and stabilises the hammock was missing.  In the other case, the hammock was found to be assembled incorrectly at the cross bar which made the hammock unstable and the baby was positioned on their side which is never recommended.  Correct positioning is explained in the assembly and use manual.

At the time of the USA recall in early 2010, Amby Baby Hammocks were investigated by the Australian Office of Fair Trading along with authorities in Europe.  After product testing and learning the findings of the two isolated incidences in the USA, our hammocks were deemed perfectly safe to use when the assembly and usage instructions are followed. Amby was approved to continue to trade in all other countries worldwide.  No other incidents have ever been reported before 2009, nor in the many years since which is testament to Amby’s commitment to product safety.

These were very tragic events, but it is important to share these facts with you in order to dispel any misgivings or myths you might have encountered on the internet.  All baby hammocks sold by Amby come with instructions for safe assembly and use – and of course it is vital that the instructions are followed correctly.  Our manuals and helpful assembly video can be found on our Manuals and Specs page. 

 Do you have any more information to help me make my decision?

Yes!  Our hammocks are often highly recommended to parents by paediatricians, midwives, neurologists, GPs, chiropractors, osteopaths and many more health professionals.  Amby Baby Hammocks are the only brand that Australian hospitals, mother and baby units and day care centres will use and trust.

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